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Caspian's Visit to Ambergeldar

In light of the fact that she seems to be bringing more and more visitors from Milliways, Amy has cleaned out the wardrobe that holds her Door to there. Her warmest and heaviest cloak still hangs off to one side, and a number of crowns rest on the shelf above, but Caspian will not have to pick his way across his sister's shoes or avoid getting caught in the trains of her dresses.

Amy keeps hold of his hand as they step through -- she's still being very careful about that after Mal wound up miles and miles away, and no doubt will be for some time to come. Even if the Door has gone back to behaving itself, it's a simple measure, and much better to be safe than sorry.

Her dressing room is a bit cramped now that there's an extra wardrobe (all those shoes had to go somewhere, after all), and not at all the best first view of Ambergeldar.

But then, it's not Caspian's first view of Ambergeldar, is it?

(Which was, of course, a pantry in the kitchens, back when his sister was a kitchen maid. Years ago. But he's seen many non-storage views of the kingdom since then.)

"Welcome back," Amy says.
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"Thanks," he says, ducking his head to avoid whacking it on the shelf, before following Amy out into the room and looking around with a smile.

"I must say, it's good to be back."

Oddly enough, Ambergeldar is a little less strange to be in than the bar itself; then again, he's used to time passing differently here.
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"I've rarely heard of that being the case," he says, laughing, "but we can always hope. Perhaps your nurse is better able to keep them on a schedule than ours was."
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"They must not have known what to do with you at all," he laughs.

"After the christening, that is. Unless you still minded the schedule."

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"I think you rather have," he agrees, walking easily by her side.

"Certainly better than any of your sisters, depending on how one measures these things."

If success is measured in happiness and love and laughter, then Amy has certainly come out on top.
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It's hard to explain the feeling he gets, seeing the two little boys: it's rather like something's expanded, deep in his chest, and he feels all full and light with it, like a balloon lifting into the sky.

Amy picks one of the boys up, and Caspian goes over to the two of them, ducking his head to look more closely at his nephew, eyes crinkling with a smile.

"Hullo, Caspian. Dear me, yes, I suppose so. I don't know how all the other Caspians managed it." Reaching forward, he puts a gentle hand on his namesake's head to stroke the fine hair there.

"And already curious and crawling about, good, good. Excellent."
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"Yes, yes," he laughs, stepping close and gently lifting his nephew away from his mother, pausing to carefully help untangle curious little fingers from Amy's hair.

It takes a little doing; young Caspian really is fairly industrious.

That done, he lifts the boy up a little to settle him comfortably, looking down at him with a fond smile. "Hello there, my lad. Thee's a mischief, I see."

Which is, he rather thinks, as it ought to be. His namesake ought to be looking for adventure, clearly.
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"And father, at times, if I remember correctly," he says, meeting her grin with one of his own.

Not that Perry seemed so much mischievous as slightly excitable, at times.

He walks over, namesake in his arms, to smile at his other nephew.

"Handsome little lads, aren't they?"
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"Not for some time, surely," he protests, leaning forward to touch Laurence's nose lightly with the tip of one finger.

"Unless you and Perry have started considering arranged marriages, which I seriously doubt."
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He holds Caspian up a little, meeting solemn blue eyes with smiling gray ones, though he shakes his head. "I'm sorry, my lad. My advice to you is to listen to your parents. They have some experience with this sort of thing."

Tucking the little boy back against his shoulder and bouncing him gently, he looks over at Amy. "Good lord, yes, the poor boy. Where is he, anyway? In a different nursery?"
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"Susan is nearly a grown lady," he says, though it's hard to say whether he's talking to Amy or simply talking silliness at his namesake, who reaches out to place a chubby hand against his cheek, making his uncle grin, though he affects sternness.

"I say, steady on, sir."
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"Best of luck to him," Caspian laughs. "Rilian would keep getting older, no matter what we wished.

In his arms, Caspian is blinking large, sleepy eyes at his uncle, looking a little dopey.

"I think they might be about ready for that nap."
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He follows her across the room, smiling at the mobile of boats that dangles over Caspian's cot. "As it should be," he says, pleased at the idea even though he has no right to expect that his namesake will love the sea as he does.

He yawns against his uncle's shoulder, and thrusts a balled-up fist to rub at one tired eye, and Caspian sets him down carefully on the soft blanket in the crib. "There, my lad," he says, softly, as his nephew blinks at him and at the mobile as he gives it a gentle spin.
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"Well, I think they're perfect, naturally," he says, firmly.

"And I'm looking forward to spoiling both of them as much as possible."
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"My opinion is entirely unbiased," he says, loyally and entirely untruthfully.

"And yes, of course."

He'd love it if Susan remembered him, but that seems rather too optimistic.

"Have they been having many visitors from Milliways? Marian told me that she met them not long ago."
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He crouches down: Caspian is not a tall man, but he must loom like a tree to his little niece. Hunkering there, he smiles at her, something wistful twisting in his chest.

"Hello, dear heart. The last time I saw you, you were hardly older than the twins, did you know that?"
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To his credit, Caspian does not laugh, though there's a definite twinkle in his eyes as he crouches there, looking back and forth between his niece and nephew, hands hanging loose between his knees.

Merry looks very determined, indeed, and Caspian schools his expression, smiling as he would when introduced to any other gentleman, and offering his hand to shake.

"Hullo, Merry. It's a pleasure. I've heard a great deal about you and your brothers and sister."
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"All true," he says, hunkering back on his heels. "And I have a horse. Do you know I once had a friend who was a Mouse as tall as you are?

"Perhaps next time you come to Milliways, I can take you for a sail."
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"Aye, a Mouse."

His tone is as solemn as Merry's. "His name was Reepicheep, and he loved to play chess.

"As for the pond, that's not even remotely the same," he declares, "so we'll have to go as soon as you're back in Milliways."
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He takes her by both hands and pulls her close, then gives her a twirl.

"You read my mind. How did you know I wanted to come for a picnic and stay all afternoon?"

Amy gets a wink.
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"I should imagine he does," Caspian agrees, giving Susan another twirl until she giggles and he steadies her somewhat unsteady steps.

"But I suppose she could let us go today. Seeing as how it's my first visit in so long. Susan, I hear you're friends with a dragon. Is he about?"
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"I suppose he would," Caspian agrees. "Dragons have terribly large wings, after all. Well, it's a shame, but I hope I'll get to meet him another time."

It ought to be interesting, meeting a dragon who hadn't ever been a person.

"The two of you are going to have to show me around, you know. I haven't been here in a very long time, and I suppose things may have changed outside a bit."
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"Oh, naturally, naturally," he agrees. "I wouldn't dare leave without her."

He would, perhaps, point out that he is clearly a grown-up, but as it is, he doesn't hear the rule.
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He winks back at his sister before feeling both hands dutifully taken by much smaller ones.

"We're ready," he declares, making an exaggerated headcount that Susan giggles at. "And I think we're hungry, too. It's a very good thing we'll be out all afternoon."
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In reality, of course, there are at least a few stops, but as they are fairly short and generally filled with Susan or Merry pointing out something of note to their uncle, they are not of any consequence.

They certainly do not rush -- one might call their pace more of a meander, really -- but even with multiple pauses it doesn't take long to get to the Forest, or to spread a blanket, or to set out food and drinks.

As promised, they stay out all day. Caspian shows Merry and Susan how to construct little twig boats with a leaf for a sail, and they send them on a merry voyage along the bubbling waters of a friendly brook. The food is excellent, the company delightful, and the afternoon fine.

There really isn't a nicer way to spend the day.