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Freckles and Turned-Up Noses and Mouse-Colored Hair

and what could be more ordinary than that?

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Birthdate:Apr 23
Location:Amber, Ambergeldar
Her Majesty, Queen Amethyst Alexandra Augusta Araminta Adelaide Aurelia Anne of Ambergeldar, once known as The Ordinary Princess. Amy to friends.

"My dear," said the fairy Crustacea, "I am going to give you something that will probably bring you more happiness than all those fal-lals and fripperies put together. You shall be Ordinary."

Amy is the youngest daughter of the King and Queen of Phantasmorania, the Ordinary one, with six truly lovely older sisters. Her parents, desperate to avoid having Amy become the first old maid in the history of the Royal House of Phanffaria, hired a dragon and planned to allow some prince to rescue Amy sight unseen (and thereby have to marry her). Amy, who found out, decided she was having none of it, and ran away, first living in the Forest of Faraway, and then getting a job as kitchen maid in the palace in Amber.

From there she found Milliways (in the back of a pantry of all places), where she got her self adopted by a brother, Bound for seven months, a job teaching Ingress to be princess, and engaged to a king (in that order). She married her king, Perry on a fine April morning six years ago, and is now the Queen of Ambergeldar. She and Perry have a five-year-old daughter, Susan, and four sons -- Merriman, who is four and called Merry; two-year-old twins named Caspian Malcolm and Laurence, and the newly arrive George.

On past occasions, she was accompanied by any or all of Peter Aurelious, Mr. Pemberthy, and Simon Perryvall. Peter Aurelious is a crow, Mr. Pemberthy is a squirrel, and Simon Perryvall is a squirrel who used to be an acorn shell. These things happen.

Amy is twenty-four, has mouse brown hair, grey-brown eyes, a turned up nose, an excessive number of freckles, and a truly remarkable smile. In addition to being Ordinary, she is Graceful, Cheerful, Wise, Healthy, Witty, Courageous, and Charming. She comes into the bar dressed like a queen, generally in reds and greens and golds. She always wears the dreamcather necklace left to her by Susan Allgood, an amber and amethyst betrothal ring on her right hand, and a plain gold wedding band on her left.

Amy is from The Ordinary Princess, and is the property of M. M. Kaye. She appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [community profile] milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. The PB is a young Kate Beckinsale, when it's not Meryl Davis. Amy does not look exactly like any other characters played by Miss Beckinsale, or Miss Davis, for that matter.

Fairy gifts banner by the lovely [info]magwana.

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