Mar. 9th, 2012

kitchen_maid: (*Ambergeldar)
In light of the fact that she seems to be bringing more and more visitors from Milliways, Amy has cleaned out the wardrobe that holds her Door to there. Her warmest and heaviest cloak still hangs off to one side, and a number of crowns rest on the shelf above, but Caspian will not have to pick his way across his sister's shoes or avoid getting caught in the trains of her dresses.

Amy keeps hold of his hand as they step through -- she's still being very careful about that after Mal wound up miles and miles away, and no doubt will be for some time to come. Even if the Door has gone back to behaving itself, it's a simple measure, and much better to be safe than sorry.

Her dressing room is a bit cramped now that there's an extra wardrobe (all those shoes had to go somewhere, after all), and not at all the best first view of Ambergeldar.

But then, it's not Caspian's first view of Ambergeldar, is it?

(Which was, of course, a pantry in the kitchens, back when his sister was a kitchen maid. Years ago. But he's seen many non-storage views of the kingdom since then.)

"Welcome back," Amy says.


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