kitchen_maid: (Queen of Ambergeldar)
Amy ([personal profile] kitchen_maid) wrote2012-09-26 07:36 pm


There's a bit of a breeze coming off the sea, which Amy finds quite welcome, just as she is happy to have the shade of the pavilion.

They've finished their tour of the ship, and a drowsy Susan has been taken back to the Palace for a well-earned nap. There's no such respite for her parents, though. They are hosting a reception for the many Important Personages who have come for the christening of The Princess Royal.

(And when it is over, there will be just barely enough time to rush back to the palace and change for tonight's Ball. Amy is very grateful that ships do not often require christening.)

There are just a few minutes of not-quite-downtime now, as she and Perry were the very first people to tour the ship, and most of the other attendees are not quite done. She's hoping there will be time to grab a cup of tea and maybe even a sandwich or some such before she's needed in the receiving line.

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