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There's a bit of a breeze coming off the sea, which Amy finds quite welcome, just as she is happy to have the shade of the pavilion.

They've finished their tour of the ship, and a drowsy Susan has been taken back to the Palace for a well-earned nap. There's no such respite for her parents, though. They are hosting a reception for the many Important Personages who have come for the christening of The Princess Royal.

(And when it is over, there will be just barely enough time to rush back to the palace and change for tonight's Ball. Amy is very grateful that ships do not often require christening.)

There are just a few minutes of not-quite-downtime now, as she and Perry were the very first people to tour the ship, and most of the other attendees are not quite done. She's hoping there will be time to grab a cup of tea and maybe even a sandwich or some such before she's needed in the receiving line.
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She brightens once more when they come into reception room, finding it both not filled yet and where Amy happened to be. Their steps quickened and she called out, happily, when they had gotten close enough. "That was a marvelous surprise."
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Caspian is still talking to whoever will listen about the ship and her design as he follows Marian into the room, but he stops when he sees Amy and goes to meet her as well.

"Fantastic," he agrees, grinning beneath the absurd hat. "Susan has a great deal of poise."
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"These were a good surprise, as well," Marian said, reaching up to touch the brow of the small white ship, ever like a small Hope. She's not sure which of them is to blame, but it was rather dear to see. "Definitely as you promised."
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Caspian's eyes roll up to peer at the edge of the...well, the charitable word is hat, but the one that sticks is concoction presented to him earlier this morning and donned with a particular mix of resignation and amusement which Trumpkin would have immediately recognized.

"It's very..." he begins, pauses, reconsiders. "They really are a dedicated lot, your Royal Hatters. I must say I've never worn anything quite like it."

And likely never shall again, but today -- well, today, it is not only expected, it is necessary, and he wears the braided, be-feathered monstrosity with good cheer, tipping the brim with a cheeky wink at his sister.

Marian's looks rather like a good gust might send her off, but her smile is worth it.

"I hope your Majesties enjoyed yourselves?"
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The options were as she'd promised. Amazing, worth the wait of not knowing, and nothing she could have ever guessed at give her own background. It was rather smile filled, almost to laughter. Beyond pleasantly surprising. It had almost made her feel young again.

"Yes. Quite."

Speeches aside, of course. Though she had tried to listen to a good deal of it, before being torn between marveling at what might for the rest of her life, be the largest ship she'd seen this close, and the other people trying for politely interested.

"The ship is quite lovely."
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"Truly," Caspian agrees, half-turning to look back, as if he hadn't spent an hour or longer studying the clean lines of her masts, the creamy puffs of sails lashed neatly against gleaming spars, the graceful line of prow and hull. "Quite a fine vessel. She looks to be speedy, as well, in a fair wind. Nearly lovely enough to represent the Princess."

It could be a joke, but his eyes are clear of teasing when he turns back to his sister and Marian, and perhaps it is no surprise, considering how fully and whole-heartedly the Queen's brother is wrapped around the Princess' little finger.

And rather content to be there, in point of fact.

He catches himself, though, remembering too late that the ship, while the centerpiece, was hardly the only element of the day, and gives Amy a quirk of a smile.

"Looking forward to the end of the day, though. As are you and Perry, no doubt. I don't suppose you had many ship christenings in Phantasmorania."

He's not even totally clear on whether they'd be necessary, or, indeed, where such a fleet might be docked.
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There's always something about watching them. Still new each time, even for the passed time and even the back to back days of this trip. That for all knowing Caspian before he left, and meeting Amy after, that it never fails. To look just right, like they are two pieces that overlap in just the right way, with the even so little as look, back into a sync never lost.

Leaving Marian with the turn of a smile, while she laced her hands together, nodding. "I remember how that was, with Milliways, when that one turned up." Like the world back home lost no beauty, but something held sway over her heart suddenly, new and endless, too. "Do you have the chance to come visit it during the year, without all of this?"

A tour might be necessary, now and then, but it did both add to and detract from the time spent everywhere.

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"Good Lord," Caspian says, feelingly, reaching up with an absent hand to tug his hat a little more firmly into place, "that was an odd day."

Of all the things he'd seen and of which he'd heard, in all his long years, the sudden creation of a shoreline and sea breeze trumped nearly all.

There were few enough trips for pleasure during his own rule, and the coast is far from the castle, but he looks to Amy, too, more to smile and listen to her thoughts than because he thinks her answer will be terribly different.

And because anything Amy might have to say, whatever it may be, is usually a matter of some interest to him.
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Marian can appreciate the notion of all the things that have kept them away, and the ones that would detract from it being very relaxing for long spaces of time. When they were taking the moments that could be gotten around ceremony, and she and Caspian had gotten to have far more free time with the children than Amy or Perry saw in the whole of the trip.

There's the soft solemnity of some compassion for that, the loss and the reasons why it was worth it. But the comment offered, with a look now toward the boat and ocean, off from the pavilion is well meant. "It does seem like it would be a lovely place to grow up at least."
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"The coast often is," Caspian agrees. He's a bit windblown, aside from the hair hidden under his hat, and the scent of salt in the air keeps turning him towards any place where he might be able to look out over the water.

It's that horizon; there's no pull in all the worlds quite like the desire to chase it.

"It's a charming place, truly. I don't suppose there are any fairies who live about here, are there?"

That last is directed to Amy, of course, with a twinkle in his eye: Caspian remembers his meeting with Crustacea quite clearly.
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She doesn't miss the the quiet longing Caspian gives the sea, even if it doesn't come wistful or sad. A world she'd only understand from him, from Milliways, and now even more from Amy's trip. She hasn't forgotten the stories of long adventures on boats, read only from pages long after he'd gone.

A marvel she didn't have the days to give to an odd dream. The Hope had managed well enough in the absence of her true owner. And it was easy to simply roll into the playful jokes they began speaking of. More things heard of at least from them both.

Marian laughed, quiet but amused, adding, "Forever fair winds."
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"Leak Shielding," Caspian suggests, amusement brightening both his smile and that twinkle, sliding laughter into his voice. "I'd not have said no to a blessing for perfect direction, either. It's a dashed lot of work, navigating by the stars."

All maths and techniques he'd learned first from Doctor Cornelius, and again from Drinian. "I suppose it's for the best, though. Fairy gifts, while undoubtedly lovely in many ways, seem to me to be a bit...unpredictable."

At times. Not with Amy's sisters, perhaps, but with Amy herself?

Well, he remembers the story about the dragon well enough.
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It's probably not impossible to not end up laughing, but it nice to have the freedom not consider holding back at all. Aside from a normal level of decorum, that isn't being thought about at all, when the two of them are being so amusing, even for the drift in seriousness.

"Perhaps, they are meant to have other kinds of adventures, then." Even without Milliways in their mother's closet, a more than relatively happy court, talking dragons, fairies and oceans. A childhood could do so much worse for what to pick from.
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"May the Lion save me from a Swamped Bilge," he laughs, picturing Reepicheep getting caught in a tangle of rigging and undoubtedly needed to cut himself out.

"Well, they've a fine big ship to sail on, if they please," Caspian goes on. "And a great many friends from faroff lands who visit rather a lot. I'd say as far as adventures go, they're set for quite a few, despite a lack of Ordinariness."
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There would be endless stories to tell and hear. How many different ways and things, watching them grow, when they could already fill a heart so. With tiny hand picked sea shells and daisy petals.

Marian grinned, "Perfectly understandable. What would an adventure be that didn't end with tea?"
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"And we've all of us learned that it's perfectly possible to have a wide world of adventures and still come home in time for tea."

The Pevensies certainly had, though Lucy had always been a little odd about going back to her old life, after having grown up once already.

"At least you'll never be short of chaperones."
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It's not too surprising. It's small wonder enough they managed to catch a long few minutes while the other attendee's were finishing up their tours of the grand ship. Marian smiled at Perry with a nod, "Quite. To both. She did an amazing job."
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"Hullo, Perry," Caspian says, quite bypassing his title. It's a bit hard to remember, sometimes, when it wasn't all that long ago by his reckoning that this same Perry was nervously asking him for his blessing to marry his sister.

And because they are family, naturally. Though they can, and are, both rather formal with each other when the occasion requires it -- a life in court is not unlearned so easily. "Rather. She was wonderful, and the ship is splendid, truly. I hope you're pleased."

Not that Perry is particularly much of a sailor, but he certainly appreciates quality.
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It gets a light laugh, even as Marian is nodding and raising a hand, "Well said. We hadn't even thought to the ropes yet."
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"She is certainly one of the finest I've seen," Caspian says, because he is in no way biased.

Bias notwithstanding, however, he would hardly say so without meaning it, and he grins at Perry's answer to their question.

"Neatly Coiled?" he wonders. "Perhaps something that makes sure the closest rope to hand is always the right one?"