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Tea with Caspian

The day has passed in a steady stream of meetings and appointments and "just a minute of your time, please, Your Majesty." (It's never just "a minute." And if someone asks for "a few minutes," it's going to be at least half an hour.)

But when you move the whole Royal Family, with bag and baggage and a dozen guests, into a palace they've not visited formally in years, there are a lot of people who are going to want to meet with the Queen about things. Even if it's just to hear that, yes, Her Majesty is very pleased with the way things have been done or maintained or improved since last she saw them.

Sir Gareth, the Master of the Household of Silverhall Palace, takes up most of the afternoon. Amy likes him, he's a kind and genial but remarkably orderly and efficient man, but he does like to talk, and he is exceedingly fond of detail.

Amy sinks back in her chair with a bit of a sigh when he finally leaves. That's done, then. It should all be done.

There's a knock at the door. Amy automatically straightens back up in her chair before she announces, "Enter."

"Your Majesty." Her secretary, Duncan, appears in the doorway. "Your next appointment is here."

"I thought Gareth was the last, Duncan."

"No, Your Majesty."

Amy looks at the clock on the far side of the parlor. It's half four. She probably shan't get any time at all to herself today.

"Very well," Amy says, with a bit of a sigh that draws no reaction from Duncan (who is, after all, quite accustomed to working with Her Majesty. "Show him in."
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"Very good, your Majesty," says Gareth, and opens the door, stands aside to allow the next appointment and his burden into the room, which is rather nice of him, as Caspian can't get the door himself, his hands being somewhat full of the tea tray he's carrying.

"Thank you, Gareth," he says, cheerfully. "I think that's all."

Gareth nods, bows to Amy, and very politely closes the door behind him as he leaves and as Caspian sets the tea tray down on a nearby table.

(They really did think of everything here, didn't they?)

"Come on," he says, pouring first one cup, then a second. "I thought you could use a moment's break."
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"How else was I going to be able to get you alone long enough for some tea?"

He hands her her cup, pulls up a chair for himself, stirring cream into his own.

"Your schedule is frightfully busy."
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"I thought it might."

It so often does, particularly after a long, stressful day full of pleasantries and without much time to oneself.

"How would you say your visit is going, so far?"
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"Fortunately it's fairly easy to rescue someone falling off a dock," he points out. "Or a ship at anchor."

It's when they're moving that there's really some trouble.

"Fine, fine. I think my morning swims have rather surprised a number of the maidservants, but they'll get used to my odd ways soon enough. And it's been lovely to have a bit of a break from the Bar, as much as I love the place. Besides, Marian's thrilled to be by the sea."

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"Very much," he promises, "though I wish you and Perry had a bit more time."

It's sympathetic, but not hopeful: Caspian remembers very similar visits, himself, from his days as King.

"And it's been wonderful to see so much of the children."

Caspian is utterly smitten with his niece and nephews, as anyone who sees him with them might attest.
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"Yes," he says, dry. "I rather remember that feeling."

He doesn't miss it one bit.

"I love being able to see them," he admits. "I have all kinds of missed birthdays and Christmases to make up, you know, and it's hard to do that when I'm at the bar and they're in Ambergeldar. Besides, we're getting to know each other much better."

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"I'm sure I don't know what you mean," Caspian says, staunchly.

He chooses to ignore the large pile of presents brought for the children from the Bar, naturally.

"I can certainly handle myself around children, Amy. Even if they do happen to be nieces and nephews."

He can't.

But that's hardly something either of them needs to say.
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"Thank you for the invitation, truly," he tells her, sipping at his own cup. "I know a lot of this is a dreadful bore for you and Perry, but it's been wonderful to be someplace other than the woods and meadows around Milliways, for a while. Not that I don't love those, but they do get somewhat...small, after a while."

It's not like living in a real world. Milliways is bits and pieces of worlds, stitched together, and it's dear, but not large.

He chuckles.

"Even if I do have to schedule an appointment just to spend some time with my sister."
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"Terribly so," he agrees, with an equally straight face, until she laughs, and he joins her.

"But yes. I rather miss having a horizon to chase, knowing it won't dump me straight back at the edge of the lake. And new paths -- or, at least, paths that lead somewhere other than places I've walked hundreds of times."
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"I'm sure she'd enjoy that," he agrees. "She doesn't mention it much, but she misses Sherwood a great deal."

True, Kiseki and Lineave aren't here, but that will hardly dampen the pleasure of a ride.

"I was thinking we might take Merry and Susan to the beach for a picnic, too. It'd be a lovely way for them to get outside and give Marta a break, don't you think?"
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"I wouldn't dream of it," he promises. "Not even to suggest that she might use the time to have a nice cup of tea and take a day for herself."

Marta is far too like his good old Nurse for him to even suggest hurting her feelings in such a way.

"I must say, though, that I'm very much looking forward to the tour of the ship."

Just a bit.

He may have been poring over the plans with Perry whenever the chance arises.
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It was quick poring.

"Perhaps it won't take long," he suggests, without much optimism.

"Or you could take it off mid-way through. You might be a bit hard to see with all those people there. We could run some sort of interference."
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"I meant after that," he points out, grinning over his tea, "but I suppose you're simply stuck with it."

There isn't anything he can say about the comments being short that wouldn't be a flat-out lie, so he only shakes his head, smile rueful, and sips at his tea.
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"Come now," he coaxes. "You don't dislike it all that much."

It's true, of course, that there are a lot of frustrations that go along with the pomp and glitter and the appearance of it all, but those things are trappings for a reason.

"We'll hope for nice weather, at the very least."
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"Nothing does, I'm afraid," he says, with an answering smile that crinkles the corner of his eyes.

"Though padding might help. They're just so deucedly heavy."
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There's a certain tone Amy gets, when she knows something he doesn't, and though in general it is rarely bad, it is often something he wished he'd known about, too.

"All right," he says, a little warily. "What sort of hats?"

Occasions requiring hats, in his experience, tend to be Occasions requiring Hats, after all.

In retrospect, the crown, at least, was fairly tasteful.
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Yes. That particular look, that often goes with the particular tone.

And the very tiny smile that keeps appearing.

"Oh, naturally," he says, dry. "One would hope they'd be the height of fashion."

Hats, though...well, they are sometimes useful. Shading one's eyes, and whatnot, but he's never really been one to wear them.

"All right. There's plenty of time tomorrow to see them. Perhaps in the morning."
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Besides, it wouldn't make Caspian nearly as nervous.

"No doubt," he agrees, in a tone which could very well mean quite the opposite, but his gray eyes are laughing.

"You're quite welcome. I'm simply glad they were able to squeeze me in."

He'd never have done it if her schedule was absolutely immovable, but, well...even a Queen ought to be able to have a quiet teatime once in a while.