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" . . . so you knighted him with the butter knife, in the middle of tea?" Perry asks. "Amy, darling, I'm not entirely certain that can actually be considered bestowing knighthood."

Amy sets her hairbrush down and looks over her shoulder at her husband. "I'm the Queen of Ambergeldar. Of course it counts. Besides, the alternative involves your having to wear ermine . . . "

"Hmmmm," Perry says, thoughtfully, coming up behind her. "Perhaps we should conduct all knighting ceremonies with butter knives in your parlor in the future."

"I knew you'd see it my way," Amy says, cheerfully. "Now, what are we going to do with your cousin and his . . . Blanche?"

Amy had formally received Princess Blanche after tea with Mal. There was really no getting around it. Unfortunately. She's not someone Amy is especially looking forward to having stay in the palace.

"Pack them off to his mother, Her Majesty my aunt, as soon as possible," Perry says, decidedly. "And in the meantime, avoid them as much as we can." He pushes her hair to one side and leans down to kiss her neck. "I'll put the Chancellor in charge of their visit."

"He'll want to throw a ball," Amy cautions.

"He can try," Perry says, sounding very king-like for a moment. He settles his hands on her shoulders. "Now. How did Mal wind up Lorlisfax Bridge?"

Amy shakes her head. "The door from Milliways brought him to some dwarves' cottage. It's never done anything like that before, Perry. And I've been coming and going -- with guests, living and dead -- for years."

Perry frowns. "Well, I won't bother to suggest you not go back, but if you're going to, do be careful, Amy."

"Always, Perry."

Perry studies her for a moment and then nods. "Very well."

He lifts his hands from her shoulders, but leaves one held out to her, so she can take it as she stands.

"Maybe we could have a whole separate order," Perry says, thoughtfully, and it takes Amy just a second to realize he's gone back to knights. "The Order of the Butter Knife. It makes as much sense as anything. Don't they have one named after a stocking or something in England?"