Jan. 30th, 2012

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Under ordinary circumstances, it's generally considered a good thing to not have a man (who is not the King) emerging from the Queen's wardrobe.

In this circumstance, it's a bit of a disaster to not have a man (who is not the King) emerge from the Queen's wardrobe (which is not just her wardrobe, after all).

He was right behind her. Mal was right behind her.

He should be here.

But he's not.

Maybe he stopped to get something, or the door from Milliways stopped him from coming through, though it's certainly never stopped any of her other guests from coming through and she has had quite a lot of them over the years.

Amy steps back into the wardrobe and sticks her head through the door back to the end of the Universe. It looks like the time she just left. People seem to be where she remembers having seen them.

No sign of Mal, not as far as she can see, not even when she stands on tiptoes and cranes her neck.

She wraps her hand around the door frame and leans in as far as she can to look around to the sides.

She even tries calling his name.

(And then she waves, briefly, at a patron she does not know, who watches all this with a quite bemused impression.)

Well, this is a problem.

Amy steps back into her wardrobe, making her way carefully over the shoes, sits down on the window seat, and thinks.

If he's not in Milliways, then it's reasonable to assume (though not certain) that he's somewhere in Ambergeldar. Or at least, it's not unreasonable to assume it.

And there's no harm in looking.

There may be great harm in not looking.


Amy stands up and crosses to the door, barely aware of the change in her mean and bearing, as she moves from being Amy to being Amethyst.

"Pardon me," she says, to the page in the hall.

"Your Majesty!" he replies, bowing very low and, if Amy knows anything about Royal Pages, probably wondering why a Queen is bothering to ask his pardon.

"Would you please find Lord Stefan and tell him that I need to see him in my study? Immediately."

"Of course," the page says, and rushes off to do just that.

Because he might wonder about her asking his pardon, but no Royal Page has to wonder what a Queen means when she uses a word like immediately.

Amy heads down her hall to her study.

And hopes that, wherever Mal is, he's all right . . .


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